Supercharge your book sales and build a loyal fanbase

We attract quality readers who would devour all your books.


"Partnering with Nova has been a game-changer for us. It has driven sustained growth in book sales for five years. I'm very grateful for their support. It has allowed us to write compelling series and ensure that they reach a massive audience. This success fills us with pride and brings joy to our co-authors. They're thrilled. Many readers appreciate their hard work. It fulfills any author's dream."

Mary Stone Publishing

Mystery Thriller & Suspense


“The results I got only after one month have blown me away. My books climbed the charts, hitting bestseller lists in several categories and my sales doubled. Working with Vlad and his team has been an amazing experience. Their aproach is higly professional, with regular updates and transparent, detailed reporting."

Neva Altaj

Dark Mafia Romance Author


We have been working with Vlad and the Nova marketing team for close to 5 years and he has turned our book business around. We saw immediate growth within the first month and hit multiple different bestseller list with a series that was struggling before. Since then we have seen a lot of consistency and frequent new ideas from Vlad and his team to keep things fresh. Recommended!

Samantha Snow

Paranormal Romance Author


Vlad's knowledge of book advertising is phenomenal. Running and maintining successful campaigns is his superpower. My sales and profitability doubled after I joined his mentoring programme.... and I was already enjoying multiple four figures before we started working together. If you are serious about selling fiction, speak to Vlad.

Colette Mason

Book Coach and Publisher


We’ve had the opportunity to work with the Nova team on a few book projects. I can say they are true experts in their field. Highly recommend!

Eri Georgiev

Owner at Wolf Media Digital


Trusted by best-selling authors

Why do so many potential readers never become your loyal fans?

Every author needs ads nowadays, of course. But any author who wants more than just getting in front of potential new readers and wants to attract and build a loyal fanbase will have a problem with traditional ads because...

Readers buy books from new authors similar to the ones they already buy from.

Potential readers have to realize that your book is similar to what they usually read.

You have to get in front of the readers who are most likely to love your books.

Traditional ads can show your books to many people, but they’re not convincing enough to turn them into loyal fans. Instead, they use clichés like 5-star emojis, 3D cover mockups of their book, and Kindle Unlimited logos, which are outdated and make you look untrustworthy and give you no edge.

You are currently selling books despite your advertising, not because of it.

Why are our clients' results so good?

Easy: We don't run the usual strategies for online businesses - we create ads specifically for fiction authors. This means:


Meta Ads Agencies
Standard e-commerce strategies that never work for authors.

Nova Media Marketing

Proven strategies that have worked specifically for fiction authors for almost a decade.


Amazon Ads Agencies
Isolated ads that don’t align with the overall marketing strategy.

Nova Media Marketing

We already know what works in each genre, and with our help, your books will reach the right readers.


Managed Amazon DSP Ads
A minimum spend of $50,000 USD with hit-or-miss results and little control over the outcomes.

Nova Media Marketing

No minimum spend commitments. DSP ads are one of the most efficient tools for attracting high-quality readers.

This is what our clients results look like

How you can work with us

Due to the high number of requests we are forced to select who (not) to work with. This is why we only select the authors with the highest potential for success..


Complete the questionnaire – Provide us with some details about your author business.


Schedule a time - Book a free meeting in our calendar at a time that works best for you.


Strategy - During your strategy session we'll develop a plan and determine if we can help you.


What happens in the Strategy Session?

Before we work together, we will analyze your books in a free initial consultation to see if we can help you. We will then develop a marketing plan for your books so that it regularly brings in new readers.

Next steps in the Implementation Process

Your time commitment: Less than 1 hour

Step 1 - The Kick Off

Your time required: 30 minutes

We gather certain information from you to leverage in our ads. We also survey your list to learn about their interests, demographics, and spot new scaling opportunities.

Step 2 - The Action Plan

Your time required: 15 minutes

We'll make a specific plan based on our learning and make sure it aligns with your goal. All we need is your feedback and approval.

Step 3 - Testing and Launching

Your time required: 0 minutes

We'll craft text and images for ads and start testing them to see which ones perform best. Once our ads are optimized for the best results, we'll start attracting new readers for your books.

Step 4 - Scaling

Your time required: 0 minutes

Once we meet our KPIs for our main campaigns, we'll begin to scale up and draw in more readers at a higher rate.


We focus on long-term partnerships, and we have performance-based pricing. Book a free strategy session to learn more about our pricing.

Our goal is to help your business grow. The marketing strategy we use may adapt based on where your audience is. We don't limit ourselves to one service; we have all the tools available to attract new customers, whether that's Meta ads, TikTok ads, Amazon ads, or Amazon DSP ads. We do what it takes to grow your business.

We do not. We only accept authors that we are confident we can help in order to maximize the chances of the results we provide.

For the past seven years, we have been working strictly with self-published fiction authors. We understand the crucial aspects of growing an author's business better than most.

We usually see the results we want within the first 30 days, and we know whether we can achieve this or not. This may sound faster than other agencies, but we already know what works for the genres we work with.

We are very careful about whom we take on as a client. It's important for us to partner with people we can actually help. In case we start working and see that we don't think we can scale the business, we let you know and stop the collaboration early so you are not stuck paying us money for nothing.

We are a verified Amazon ads partner. We work closely with the Amazon team every day to deliver the best results to our clients.

Authors with a fairly decent back catalog who write in popular genres, such as romance, mystery, thriller, suspense, and fantasy.