Turn your masterpiece into a bestseller

You created your novel. Let us create your fanbase.
Nova is a leading Marketing Agency empowering publishing companies to reach their readers and supercharge their book sales.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading author marketing company in the next decade, so that we can support self-published authors in achieving success in their writing careers.


Selling books is hard. We get it.

Publishing quality books people want to read is hard enough—selling them is a whole other story.
By working only with top publishing companies and best-selling authors, we know what works and doesn’t. Our powerhouse of a team can leverage data to reach your ideal fanbase and drive strategic results.

Serving the top Amazon authors & publishers.

Most marketing agencies will take on any client to make a buck.
We’re not those marketing agencies.
We know that growth comes from doing one thing and doing it well. Our dedicated team has only worked with Amazon authors and publishers for the past five years, making Nova one of the top leaders in the book marketing industry.


Spend more time on what’s important.

We value results. Everything we do is efficient, flexible, and data-driven.
When you try to cover all the bases, it’s hard to hit a home run. We take care of the marketing side, so you have more time for creating great books.

Our Services

Facebook Ads

Our expert ads team will leverage Facebook Ads to target your fanbase and sell more books.

Extensive Market Research

Our savvy market researchers will find out exactly who your fanbase is and what makes them buy.

Back Matter Strategy

With the right strategy, the back matter can become the page-turner for your sales.

Scaling Plan

Team Nova dreams big. Receive a customized campaign to reach millions of readers.

Advanced-Data Reporting

Think of our specialized team members as fact-checkers for your campaigns. Get accurate reports that drive real results.

Amazon Ads

Get innovative Amazon ads that actually sell books.

Join Team Nova.

Want to work with a team invested in your career growth? If you want to work with the best in the publishing industry, you’re in the right place.